Gameday Starfinder 1-5 The first Mandate


1-5 The first mandate. Tier 1-2 or 3-4. Tags: Faction (Acquisitives)
Faction (Second Seekers [Luwazi Elsebo])

Will take the first six who respond, Starts 9-20 or 9-21 at the latest.


I will check in


I was waiting for another muster for this scenario to get started but the GM has gone silent for over a week and the game hasn't even begun yet so let's give this another try shall we. I'm a bit new to organized play but not to RPGs or PbP. This is the alias for my first registered SFS character.

I'll give this a few more days before we start. Everyone is still finishing up some games, so I'll be patient.

Alright, now that the Starfinder specials are over, who else wants to play this?


Checking in with the level 2 healer mystic I mentioned on the Castamir thread. I'll finish updating his profile and avatar later today, but wanted to get in as soon as I could.


Just checking if this game is still a go?


Checking in!

The game is still ago, will leave recruitment open for another two days then start it.

I'll join in with a level 1 (fighter or operative, most likely)

I'll have up gameplay thread and discussion thread later tonight.

Silver Crusade

there room for a last member? Really been wanting to try out some starfinder.


Hi DoubleGold, I must bow out. As I believe you know I just started SFS 1-01 The Commencement with this character

Come on in rorek55, still about 3 spots left.

I randomly found myself here from the starfinder forum, I’ll play how does this work?

Not sure I want to teach people play by post this time around there Robert, if I had took on less of a load, I could do that, but not this time around. Hopefully you'll get into a starfinder game.

Silver Crusade

cool, I think I all go operative.

Alright, go ahead and post in gameplay and discussion. Rorek55, you still have time to make that character.


GM Bigrin checking in as Rastar, blitz soldier

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