Orphaned Party seeking GM for Rise of the Runelords


We're basically right at the very beginning, having done since RP leading up to the first encounter and now dealing with wave 2 of the goblin attack -- we've still got 4 very dedicated players who would love to continue, but need a GM.

If you're interested, Here's the Gameplay thread

Those four characters are a wizard, a bloodrager, an oracle and a bard (archeologist), pretty close to the "classic" wizard/fighter/cleric/rogue setup, but with a twist. There might also be another player interested in continuing, a Sorceress, but she hasn't responded yet.

I might be interested. Let me take a look at the campaign thread, and you can check out the games I'm running/have run to see if you think I'd be a reasonable fit for your play style. (I'm cool with it if you're not, just so you know.)

ETA: I've finished reading the Gameplay and Discussion threads. Looks like a good group!

Looking over your Giantslayer campaign, I think it would work out well, but let me confirm with the others.

With me we all vote in favour. Sorry for being the slow one to respond on this.

I was just coming to relay that. So, yes, Carbide, I don't know what you need to do to gain control of the campaign, but we'd be delighted to have you.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to this. I'll start the transfer, review the AP, and get a post up to put the campaign on my page.

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