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Is there a PFS "approved" subsection for the Lore Skill?

The playtest CRB leaves that section pretty open ended and would like to see these 'sub-skills' all in one place.

After a bit more digging into the rules - Lore is beginning to look like the new Profession Skill.

Though it was used to ID monsters. Back to digging through the rules.

You can use Lore to ID monsters too, if they fall under the umbrella of your Lore. So if you had Lore: Goblins, you'd get all the subtypes & knowledge of Goblin weapons & societies, maybe even Goblin Dogs due to being part of the package.

I find it awkward though that then one could turn around and use that goblin knowledge to make money on par with Lore: Jeweler.
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And then there's Lore: Fortunetelling (which is present in the Bestiary), but means what? You can make money telling fortunes, but not really because you may have no such abilities? So if you're honest you just make money talking about fortunetelling traditions? I guess so.

I think Lore: Aspis might prove useful!
Or Lore: "This year's topic" too.
This might prove awkward if somebody picks up a Lore for something PFS is investigating, like the Hao Jin Tapestry.

I think it's in the rules though that Lores can't be broader than Arcana, Occult, Religion, & Nature. Those remain better for IDing more varieties of monsters. Lore: Animals would be a good way to get an Int-based check on animals though.

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Metaplot Lore will be my second skill with the Additional Lore feat, after Cupcake Lore.

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Playtest, pg 151 wrote:

The GM determines what other subcategories she’ll allow as Lore skills, though these categories are always less broad than any of the other skills that allow you to Recall Knowledge, and they should never be able to fully take the place of another skill’s ability to Recall Knowledge. For instance, you couldn’t choose Magic Lore in an attempt to recall the same breadth of knowledge covered by Arcana or Adventuring Lore in an attempt to gain all the information an adventurer would need.

That looks fairly broad, Aspis lore should be legal if Warfare lore is. It is a much narrower topic even if it is a bigger part of the campaign. I like the option to focus specifically on the Aspis, Tapestry, or Slavery for themed characters. I'm not sure how boring this will be if everyone has high lore skills in the active meta plots.

The problem with a themed character wanting to focus on their theme (Aspis hunter, Tapestry explorer) is that because the math is tight and Lore is int based, will they be crippled for not being a int-based character?

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