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For the longest time, our gaming group has found the starship combat rules in Starfinder to be lacking something. We saw everyone's similar comments around the internet, and decided to make something of it ourselves.
What started as just a set of homebrew rules turned into something much bigger. We ended up rewriting the whole system from scratch, and even going so far as to make it potentially standalone!

StarDuster is an upcoming Starfinder Compatible starship skirmish game, that sets out to bring new variety and excitement to battle in deep space! Whether maneuvering with template-based movement, unleashing crew abilities through Action Cards, or combining the strengths of six unique crew roles onto powerful joint actions, you'll have what you need to take to the stars!

We are coming to Kickstarter soon, but already have a substantial amount of progress and playtesting done. Our module includes new ship skills, a deck of action cards, and even a brand new crew role for magic-based Starfinder characters!

If you're interested, come check us out at our StarDuster website or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

We wanted to make something that gave starship combat and roleplaying the attention it deserves, and to really make the experience something fun. We've seen too many players just skip the system entirely, when it had so much potential to be something more. We sincerely hope to set out to make just that.

StarDuster is live on Kickstarter! Come check us out!

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