Unarmed Master Starfinder Homebrew Class


Liberty's Edge

lvlBABFortWillRef Special
1 +1 +2 +0 +0 Improved Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows
2 +3 +4 +0 +1 Extra Combat Feat
3 +4 +5 +0 +2 Weapon Specialization
4 +5 +6 +0 +3 Gauntlets, Extra Combat Feat
5 +6 +7 +0 +4 Knock back
6 +7 +8 +0 +5 Army of One, Extra Combat Feat
7 +8 +9 +0 +6
8 +9 +10 +0 +7 Bonus HP, Extra Combat Feat
9 +10 +11 +0 +8
10 +10 +11 +0 +9 EPIC! Uppercut, Extra Combat Feat

HP: 8 SP: 8 + Constitution Modifier
Class Skills: Athletics, Profession
Proficiency: Fists, Light Armour
Skill Ranks Per Level: 0 + Intelligence Modifier
Key Ability Score: Str
Alignment: Any

Improved Unarmed Strike: See Monk conversion pg 505 of Starfinder Core Rulebook. The Unarmed Master’s Unarmed Strikes also level up as per Monk conversion.

Flurry of Blows: See Monk. The Unarmed Master’s Flurry of Blows also levels up as per Monk.

Gauntlets: At 4th level and Unarmed Master gets a special set of gauntlets that let him deal extra damage with his fists. A Unarmed Master and his gauntlets cannot be separated. For every two levels the Unarmed Master has attained, he gets +1D4 to damage roles with his fists.

Knock back: At 5th level a Unarmed Master gets knock back 5ft/5lvls with his fists.

Army of One: A Unarmed Master can now make an unarmed strike with any part of his body.

Uppercut: A Unarmed Master can make an unarmed strike as a full action to deal 1D6/3lvls extra damage.

EPIC!: A Unarmed Master at 10th level no longer needs food or sleep. In addition he doesn’t age, nor needs breath. He can also survive in space.

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