Does Sneak Attack multiply on a crit?


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Does sneak attack damage multiply on a critical hit? Unlike PF1, I can't find any rule that says it does not multiply, so I'm posting here to check whether I've missed something.

The question comes up because my group is in the middle of Doomsday Dawn Ch. 2 and the party's level 4 Rogue got a +1 rapier and is murdering everything with his sneak attack crit of 6d6+1d8+4 damage (avg. 29.5).

(He's gotten lucky on some rolls and has a party that's been very helpful in inflicting flat-footed to get the sneak attack—but even against an AC 18, pretty standard for level 4, he crits 20% of the time if his target is flat-footed.)

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Yes, it all multiplies.

Silver Crusade

Mark Seifter wrote:
Yes, it all multiplies.

That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming!

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Another example of why I like to read the forums. I was not aware of this and now I'm glad to learn about it!

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