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Happy Friday everyone! Well, maybe it's still Friday when you're reading this - I did end up posting pretty late. Still, this is an update I've been wanting to bring to everyone for a while now.

See, the Starfinder side of my site has been a little light lately - sure, I had the Core Rulebook, but that's just a single book. That's not how the Archives of Nethys handle things.

So... how about the rest of it?

New Books
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #1: Incident at Absalom Station
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #2: Temple of the Twelve
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #3: Splintered Worlds
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #4: The Ruined Clouds
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #5: The Thirteenth Gate
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #6: Empire of Bones
[RPG] Alien Archive
[RPG] Pact Worlds
[RPG] Starfinder Armory

Site Additions
- The Aliens section is one of the largest new additions, bringing with it support for Template Grafts, the Universal Monster Rules, the Summon Creature spell, and more.
- Another new addition is the Setting area, which (at the moment) contains information on the setting's Deities, along with the Systems & Settlements to be found.
- Starfinder Armory added a host of new content, including some new types of Augmentations: Magitech and Necrografts. Special Materials have been re-organized; there's new Artifacts, Manufacturers, and a whole host of new equipment.

While we're now caught up on all the recent publications, there's still more to do. There's a number of items from Starfinder Society scenarios that I want to add (I haven't forgotten your help, John), along with more ease-of-use improvements to the site. A big one is the new search engine, which I'm happy to announce is very close to pushing live - the developers working on it have been making a lot of updates in the recent days and we may have something ready for your use in the next week or two.

Enormous thanks as always to Devin for his help in data entry, and to everyone out there for supporting the Archives! Enjoy the new updates and as always, send me an email if you find any bugs or have any questions.

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