Ways to boost saves against cold / hot weather


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Are there any easy ways (Or, for later on, harder ways) to boost fortitude saves against the effects of hot and cold weather for either or both temperatures. The party lacks a wizard or a cleric (We currently consist of a Barbarian, a psionic warrior, a cryptic, a psion, a fighter and a soulblade. Yay psionics!) so endure elements is out of the question without scrolls or potions. Obviously there are hot/cold weather outfits for either temperature and heatstones for cold weather but I was wondering if there is anything else?

Chill cream and blackfire clay grant alchemical bonuses.

Grand Lodge

Keffiyeh of Cooling grants Endure Elements vs Heat; Boots of the Winterlands grants Endure Elements vs cold and some other benefits.

Endurance gives a +4 to that and a lot more.

There are also Furs you can wear. They also help a bit

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