Climbing during exploration mode (possible DD spoilers)

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What speed do players climb at in exploration mode?

In Doomsday Dawn characters have a 4-mile climb, how do we figure how long that takes?

I know difficult terrain halves movement speed and greater difficult terrain drops it to a third, but climbing is even slower than that (5 feet on a successful check).


More details, please. For starters, is this a 4-mile climb that requires one's hands and feet, or just a steep incline?

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
More details, please. For starters, is this a 4-mile climb that requires one's hands and feet, or just a steep incline?

The Doomsday Dawn reference is just an example. The main book lists an overland travel time, is there an overland climb time as well?

Or do we just go with 15 feet a round (assuming all successes and a speed less than forty), 150 feet a minute, or 1.7 miles (9000 feet) an hour. That seems fast to me when compared to standard overland travel times. And then, how often do you make climb checks?

I just wondering about climb rules/speed for exploration mode.

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If your party is spending 4 miles climbing a cliff, perhaps you're better off telling them "maybe you shouldn't go this way?". If they insist, then the cliff is actually an incredibly dangerous encounter that shouldn't be done in exploration mode as they have very high odds of falling at terminal velocity before the top of the 4 mile cliff.

More realistically they have 4 miles of rough terrain that includes a few small climbs. As the GM you're meant to assess what checks should be needed. If the only question is time & the climb isn't dangerous, give a climb check to see if they make good time (Similar to how the same adventure asks for a few survival checks to make good time in the forest). If it is dangerous then you'll want to go into encounter mode to handle particularly hard cliffs (Which the adventure also does).

1/3rd speed is averaging out the fact that you're not perpetually climbing and being approximate.

For Doomsday Dawn you just have to read carefully (or they need to get better about capitalization). From that section: "is 4 miles of difficult terrain". So the entire 4 miles is just treated as Difficult Terrain (doubled movement costs so half overland speed). It goes on to specify it's a combination of climbing, difficult terrain, and flat sections so presumably the designation of Difficult Terrain is just the average.

As for the generic answer, I'm pretty sure there isn't one. Exploration mode is an abstraction, I think you just make something up. Probably 5 feet a round, more than that would be fatiguing.

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