I have a weird problem can anyone help?

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Occasionally I get this thing where I feel really weird and everything I normally like seems really weird and unappealing (including Pathfinder). It seems to come and go at random and I've never been able to figure it out (but I really hate it). Any Ideas?

That's pretty vague. I am not a professional in any healthcare field. My first thought reading that was depression, but again, that's just a gut reaction between two random people on the internet.

Perhaps you should start figuring this out by speaking to a therapist and go from there.

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Eat some boiled spinach, everything is better compared to boiled spinach.

My one absolute statement of advice is to be wary of advice from strangers on forums (even me saying this). With that said I would suggest you have a solid talk with a live human, therapist, minister, parent, soul mate, shaman, whatever source of guidance is available to you that you have faith in. By faith I don't necessarily mean religious, but someone/thing that you believe can help you. Because if you don't trust the source it can't help you.

I'm certainly not a specialist, but this sound like some kind of dissociative state. I second Java Man's suggestion to talk to someone, but it should be a psychiatrist.

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I agree with Java Man above, but as someone who suffers from severe depression and bipolar disorder it sounds as though you have some of the symptoms I have. Do as Java Man said; find someone you can confide in and look for a therapeutic method of healing yourself.

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