Playtest groups evaporated, looking for an online table.

Running the Game

My gaming group started the Playtest with 2 GMs and 8 Players. As of now we're down to 1 GM (me) and 2 Players. One of the remaining players is also considering dropping out. The other is still on board, but not interested in solo play.

Since there isn't really an LFG hub for the Playtest, I guess this is as good a place to ask as any: Anyone out there playtesting on Roll20 or Tabletop Simulator willing to take on an extra player or two? Preferably one that either hasn't started Pale Mountain's Shadow or is willing to run it again? (Not required, but would be appreciated.)

(Warning Label: I'm a heavy roleplayer.)

Scarab Sages

What langage are you native of ?

I only know English unfortunately. New languages don't come easily to me, not that I haven't tried. But, I may have just convinced my holdouts to still try modules 4 and 7 when the time comes, so not everything is lost.

I still wouldn't mind joining another group on the side though, so if me being Eng-only isn't a deal breaker, I'd be happy to join.

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