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I have been busy with a few things, from a new job to reading the Pathfinder 2 Playtest materials. Were any regional support program boons released for season 10?


The Regional Support Boons go from 1st Feb to the 31st of January, so they don't follow the PFS Seasons as such. It's more of a calendar year thing.

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I won a RSP boon the other day (as well as two others at my table - how rare is that!?!) and noticed they're the same as last season.

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Christian Dragos wrote:
I won a RSP boon the other day and noticed they're the same as last season.

If you are referring to a Starfinder boon, then yes it is the same. Since the first season of Starfinder Society was not a full season, the decision was made to simply continue using the same boons so there would be more opportunities for players to earn them. The SFS RSP boon should change in February.

If you are talking about Pathfinder boons, the RSP boons did change last Feburary as scheduled. The PFS RSP boons for last season were:
Debt to Society
Lingering Resonance
On-the-job Training
Seen It Once
Spirit of the Shadow Lodge

The current RSP boons are:
Research Specialist
Extra Hours

If you received something from last year's list, you should talk to the organizer as they may not realize they are using the older versions.

Christian Dragos wrote:
how rare is that!?!

It should be very rare statistically speaking, but it depends on what method of distribution the organizer is using. Some methods are more random in nature and could allow everyone at the table (or no one) to win a boon while others aren't based on tables and will assure that [almost] exactly 10% of the participants win a boon.

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