[SFS] #1-01: The Commencement


Hello everyone!

It's time to head to the stars!

All Starfinders complete their training by conferring with Guidance—a network of uploaded personalities embodying paragons from the Starfinder Society's history. Before receiving the blessing of Guidance, the PCs must meet with and assist critical missions on behalf of key leaders of the Society's leading factions. With the events of the Scoured Stars Incident still fresh in everyone's memory, there's plenty that needs doing to set the Society back on track.

I'll take the first 6 folks to sign up, and then we'll get started!


I'll be bringing my dwarven 'cleric' of Angradd, recently liberated from Salvation's End.


Reporting for duty.


Oooh, I have this silly con artis... er, counselor, I could play. May be fun to be adventuring with "family".

Please note - I have previously played this scenario several times with other PCs, so I will gladly bow out if space for additional PCs is needed.


Mind if I join? I can have Radokama's profile filled out sometime this afternoon.


Asterion, Nuar Soldier reporting for duty!

That makes 5. One more and we'll be off!


Reporting for duty, if I may run a pregen. Probably Quib, if we aren't tech-heavy.


Actually, since I can rebuild a level 1 character, I'll just run a human version of Flenn and then re-build afterward (when I hopefully have the half-orc boon I need). So I'll do that instead of running Quib.

And that's six!

I'll go ahead and setup the threads, and we'll get started!

Alright Crew, Sign in and Let's reach for the stars!


If you still need people I'd love to join up!


@ Keyrock: Awesome! We should be cousins. Either way, you would know that Orianna used to be a pious cleric of Torag. After learning of the Pact Worlds she converted to the worship of Angradd and became obsessed with learning everything she can. She's hoping to find a place that the rest of the Marblehearts can resettle that's better suited to them than Absalom Station. She's serious, focused, and not very good with people.


@ Orianna - Cousins would make sense. However, before you add this guy as part of your family, you should know that Keyrock is a dubious attorney, who has managed to leverage his appearance on a certain live, system-wide broadcast into the beginnings of a small fortune by preying upon the sympathies of jurors (not unlike a certain Keyrock character in popular culture). He often refers to himself as a simple, archaic dwarf.

Thus, he is finding life on Absalom Station to suit him just fine (but would be happy to help his kinsmen relocate, particularly if it would keep them from shedding light on how well he has acclimated to the present times).


Ha! She'll be torn between rolling her eyes at your constant use of our (proud and noble) culture as a sympathy card, and being entirely envious at how well you've adjusted.

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