Clarification for Paladin's Champion's Powers


I found the description in the class section lacking. I hope in the final version that the paragraphs for Champion Powers more clearly point out that the only power you get (without using class feats) is Lay on Hands, and that in order to learn new powers, you'll need to take class feats.

I spent a long time last night looking for some description telling me how many powers I got at each level, and the list of powers that I could choose as a 5th level Paladin.

Indeed, i even had to look for lay on hands when it has a really simple description that could go on the paladin description instead of that "its a spell" thing, i like it more when those things were spell-like or special abilities

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For that matter, if you're going to make Lay on Hands a spell, then why not just use the Heal spell and dictate that he can only use the single action version or something? Lay on Hands is strictly weaker than the Heal spell, so you're better off using that if you can.

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I had that confusion tonight with one of my players PCs. They were creating 4th level characters for the 2nd chapter and took the Channel Life feat, seemingly making lay on hands nearly worthless.

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