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I realize this is the Playtest, and that the organization of the book is not complete, but here are a few things that I, as a GM, would greatly appreciate in the finished product:

1) Spell lists should have the school of magic present. Nothing worse than trying to build a Necromancer baddie and having to sort through nearly every spell to figure out which ones are actually necromancy.

2) Magic Item lists should be broken down into more precise categories. If I decide that I want to give my players a special shield, for example, I don't want to have to figure out where all the shields are in the list. Shield of (something) or is it The (something) Shield.

Both of the above request are things which D&D 5E did which drove me to the edge of my sanity when trying to access information. Not to mention forcing me to spend an extra 30 minutes or more developing game each week.

3) Please seperate Spells and Powers into seperate sections.

4) List of Conditions in the BACK of the book, as reference material. They are too frequently used to have to flip through the book to get to them each time. Particularly if there are other things you need to flip through the book to access during the course of the game.

Anyway, my two cents!

I would add: Please provide summary descriptions of feats so we can see what they do at a glance rather than having to read them all.

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