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Hey folks, I sent an email to customerservice@paizo.com on August 16 and I have not yet received a reply. I know you all have been going through a hell of a time, so I just wanted to be sure you received it. Usually you've responded to customer service posts within a few days so I figure either the email didn't get through or it hit right around the other site insanity hit or both. Please let me know if I should resend the message. (Had some attached pictures.)

Long story short it looks like my box containing my order got attacked by a very angry forklift and I wanted to find out if the mangled book could be replaced if at all possible.

If you are just backed up due to all the site insanity, just let me know and I'll check back in a week or so. Thanks for your help.

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Hello DeathQuaker,

Thank you for providing pictures to our customer service inbox! Unfortunately due to the technical issues recently one of our main capabilities which was impacted was our ability to set up replacement orders. We will be focusing on that very soon now that this capability has been restored! I have noted your email in the inbox and will reply as soon as I've set up your replacement. Thank you!

(You weren't kidding about the forklift attack! Yikes!)

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Understood. Thank you!!

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