Wording standardization in classes


In the preview blogs, we had a lot of mentions a about wording standardization, but that's not true in the classes feats. A lot of feats that should (and that really does that) give the same abilities to different classes, are a lot different in different clssses. They mean the same, but some write one thing in five lines, while the other write that in three lines.

You can double check all druid's and ranger's feats for animal companions and see that there are a lot of differences. (The same apply to paladin's steed and other feats that are mutual to two or more classes.)

Also, the class powers entries are showing different texts for the same rules between different classes. It's already hard to explain to players that you have spell points to cast powers that are spells. Couldn't you standardize those texts?

(That's just a nitpicking observatiin, but in the final Core Rulebook, this could be ajusted to improve the game to be more player-friendly and modular.)

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