Boost to Ecclesitheurge AC


I'm building a Ecclesitheurge cleric and am looking for ways to boost AC. Right now, my current option is a wand of mage armor and a helpful party member.


I'd thought about a dip into Monk or Enlightened Paladin.

Enlightened Paladin.

There's also a feat: Osyluth Guile, that has some limitations, and I'm looking at more low level issues, so it's not that helpful

Osyluth Guile.

Basically just looking for non items or not just picking up a dodge feat.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Mage Armor with Monk unarmored should good enough. Your stats would be helpful because you might not want some options. If for whatever reason your charisma is higher than your wisdom, you might want the Scaled Fist monk archetype. Dipping out of cleric would hurt your spellcasting so maybe stick to high dex and mage armor. If you're undeterred by a shot to spellcasting, Magical Knack with add some caster levels for your spells effects and monk will have you covered. Ecclesitheurge basically ignores its channeling so you might be able to get away with a low charisma. Make sure your holy symbol is a ring of deflection or amulet of natural armor. I'd stay away from Paladin as you won't get much without a significant level investment.

There's amateur swashbuckler (dodging panache) for a different feat option, or snake style, or debuffing spells - which may include those enhanced by certain metamagic feats. Blissful spell, apocalyptic spell or authoritative spell are new metamagic feats which can help there or there's dazing spell & rime spell (if your domains include cold spells) among older such feats.

Silver Crusade

If you dip into (Unchained) Monk, you might want to pick Dodge as first level bonus feat, and Crane Style as regular feat.

With Dodge, the Aldori Caution trait, a blocking weapon (such as the Sansetsukon) and three ranks in Acrobatics, you can easily add +7 to your AC while fighting defensively, in addition to Dex AND Wis. On top of that, you could still add Mage Armor from a wand or ally, together with Protection From Evil or Shield of Faith from your own slots.

Given the UMonk dip and a deity with Unarmed Strike as favored weapon, another feat you might want to consider is Guided Hand. While this doesn't directly add anything to AC, it allows you to focus entirely on Wisdom, which in turn will add to AC, at the same time improving your attack and spellcasting abilities.

I’d recommend just living with low AC and going with ranged options so you don’t have to get into combat. Sanctuary can help keep you alive if you aren’t going offensive.

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