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Vidmaster7 wrote:
the main difference at that point seems to be whether its listed under class feats or general feats.

Well, it'd be the difference in printing ONE feat in general or multiple feats in multiple classes: having a single feat in a central local seems preferable, IMO, to having to check multiple classes for which one uses the version of that feat that you wanted. Looking for 'two weapon fighting' that lists all versions is much easier that looking at rogue for 'two weapon fighting rogue version', then looking at ranger for 'two weapon fighting ranger version' then fighter for 'two weapon fighting fighter version'.

I feel like you might want to reconsider your tone in that post, marshmallow. There are reasonable points to be made in the content of your post but language you use to express them is not going to make Paizo listen to you.

As to that content: I don't much care for Signature Skills, and I'd rather they go entirely I think, but I would rather have it accessible via a class feat than not at all.

I wouldn't mind if Hospice Knight and Warded Touch got rolled into class features. At the same time, as of this moment I don't really object to them being feats because Paladins have very little competing for low level feats. Which is kind of damning praise, I guess. None of the Oath feats really appeal to me because of how niche they are, and while I'm sure there are some good Domain powers those things aren't sorted so they are easy to read through, which makes the necessary homework for that feat undesirable.

I am not sure the Paladin needs to be as good at Healing as the Cleric. Also, Paladins aren't super likely to need a free hand for other casting. Litanies don't need hands, and I think lots of domain powers don't either.

All in all, I agree that lots of these feats on the Paladin in particular would probably be better suited as class features, but I just don't think calling them "wastes of ink" is a productive use of anyone's time.

It got you to talk about it.

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yknow what'd help with competing early feats? having interesting or useful abilities, rather than basic function being held hostage by them.

I believe in sharing one's personal truth. I hold it at the highest of virtues. TELL THE TRUTH, EVEN IF YOU MUST RISK OFFENSE.

The truth holds more value than a comforting lie, and forcing myself to abridge my truth is not the way to help the play test.

true! but, more specific or constructive wording may help your point both get across to others and avoid being shot down as "trolling" or "unhelpful".

while something certainly can be BS, just calling it that without any further detail can seem unconstructive (this is said as someone who largely agrees with you).

I have a whole thread on it....

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i know that, but others might not. it's worth repeating yourself or linking back to your more collected critiques on the reg to help that, and keep any newcomers from just tuning you out, since you make solid points.

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