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The Additional Resources entry for the Armory dropped today. One of the fusions banned is the Energetic fusion.

I'm curious as to why, and I would like to see it being allowed.
As it currently stands energy weapon users get free recharging of their weapons and kinetic weapon users are forced to pay for their rounds, shells or darts if they don't happen to meet the exact same type of ammunition user during a fight.

To bring kinetic weapon users to the same level as free shots I would like to see the Energetic fusion allowed.
It is a level 5 fusion, so the first 4 or 5 levels still cost the kinetic weapon users credits and it also forces kinetic weapon users to think of free ammo or another useful fusion they can put on.

Because of the 24 hour duration before Fusion Seals kick in, you cannot abuse quick switching between free ammo and something you need right at that moment.

The Energetic Fusion provides a HUGE ammo capacity increase for some projectile weapons - a Reaction Cannon goes from 6 to 20 shots without a reload.

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