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I’m leveling up a character to level 4, and it says I get two skill feats and one general feat. I’m reading over the general feat section, but I’m confused on how the feats are laid out.

Can I pick any feat with the general trait for general feat? Can I pick any feat with the skill feat for skill feats? Further, can I pick a feat with the skill trait if I’m taking a general feat, as long as it has the general trait?

I know I have to meat the requirements, but otherwise I’m confused with skill feats vs general feats.

Skill feats are a sub-category og general feats. Every skill feat is a general feat, but not every general feat is a skill feat.

When you get a general feat, you pick any one feat presented in the feats chapter starting page 160.
When you get a skill feat, you pick only from the feats with the "Skill" trait.

Note that the update released on monday has made a few changes as to which feats are skill feats and which are not.

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