Dynamic magic Item Crafting is hard


My gm is allowing item crafting and I was super happy and then read dynamic magic item crafting. Like it says above this is hard it is all skill checks. With the special caveat of no taking ten even if you have a class ability that allows it. 24 different skills with dc's going from a hard 20-30 to 15-20 + the items caster level.

Examples from different Tasks.

Improve the Methodology Knowledge (arcana) DC 20 + item's caster level
Smuggle It Yourself Sleight of Hand DC 30
Improve the Item Spellcraft DC 20 + item's caster level
Improvise Use Magic Device DC 15 + item's caster level
Search for More Survival DC 25

I reach out in my time of confusion to you fellow players. I need help boosting skill checks and finding skill reroll items/drugs/feats like the fortunate charm, Clear Ear, and Deific Obedience to irori.

A four-leaf clover is a good general item. Trying to get items to improve specific skill checks though will cost you a lot more than the difference between buying and crafting items, especially since those challenges aren't meant to encompass every possible obstacle - the GM could easily generate more.

Dynamic Magic Item Creation

I have a whole list of bonuses you can get here and following.

While the +2 from the Four Leaf Clover is nice, the +10 for the Azlant Pendant is cheaper. The +20 from the Cyclops Helm is better, for less than double.

The spell Crafter's Fortune is better than the Four Leaf Clover, and easier to get.


And remember when using Dynamic Crafting, it recommends working with a partner character (which can change, task to task); the rogue doesn't have to make that DC 30 Spellcraft check, the wizard could chip in and ace it. Etc.

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