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I'm aware of the post-Gen con errata and the rat removal in Lost Star, but feel like I've seen references to more errata. My google-fu is apparently insufficient, because I haven't found anything else. Is there somewhere it is all currently gathered, or is it a matter of trawling the forums for those few posts from people with design authority? If the latter, I'd intend to start compiling it somewhere, possibly here.

I can't find it either, my guess is that it is late, cause it would probably be in the 2nd edition faqs.

The errata is in the downloads for the playtest materials.

See the latest blog post for more information.

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Pathfinder playtest errata? Is on the playtest page, it adds to your downloads.

That's the official errata and you will receive an email every time it updates

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Excelsior. Thankee, folks.

FYI, the link has vanished from the Downloads section with the website troubles it seems.

Does the 1.6 file include the previous ones. I currently have 1.1,1.2, and 1.6? Can't seem to find the rest.

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Yes it does, Dark_Davey.

Thank you very much ShadeRaven

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