[About:unarmed attack] Can Paizo change "attacking with another part of your body"

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My player want to play a monk and use the FLURRY OF BLOWS with his

Since DICK is part of your body.......jesus christ.......

Can Paizo change this sentence?

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The only way to fix this would be changing it to something like 'another part of your body that isn't genitalia' - which is tiresome and silly in itself. Pretty much every other body part can be used offensively (and has in some crappy kung fu movie or other).
Childish people will always find some way to do this. It's the GM's right and duty to say 'No' and metaphorically slap these players on such occasions.

Are you not the GM? Just flat out rule, “no you can’t”, unless you don’t mind letting him.

The wording is there for the non-human monks, the tengus that use wings and the vanaras’ that might use their tail. Also to include feet and such. There is no need to change the wording for what can be easily dismissed by the GM.

"Another limb" could work; I'd like to still allow legs where possible (though of course this leaves out headbutts).

In your situation... I might rule that he has to make a fort save on each attack or get nauseated, with the addition that critically failing that fort save three times leads to permanent nerve damage and impotence, but honestly this is a case where you should probably just tell him "no".

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1> Inform him that he can't because "There aren't rules for size tiny weapons yet"

2> If he complains, inform him that soft weapons only deal nonlethal damage.

3> Advise him that he will take a -2 untrained penalty. If he complains that he is trained (or better) with unarmed attacks, respond "that's not what (your mom, girl he dated, whatever) said".

4> Change the time and day of your game sessions and just don't tell him.


I know a player who make the same argument. I concur with everyone, that this one of those times, the GM has to say no even though RAW it is certainly within the rules.

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Or you can let him do it and give him a nasty surprise whenever he critically fumbles an attack....

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