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Im looking to make a BBEG that is sent to ambush my players. Im wanting him to be a reoccurring individual, but im struggling determining his class, Level, skills etc.

The idea is to make a bounty hunter that focuses on changing the situation to better suite him and he will be introduced into the campaign as an assassin.

The current build i have in mind is a Magus of 7th level using Blindness/Deafness and Bestow Curse to gradually wear down the party, making them weaker so he can finally fight them. Hopefully this will make the encounter hard, but not TOO hard.

Suggestions for a bounty hunter class/build?

On the topic of the bestow curse and the like. If you look into one of the maanyyy classes that allow for ranged thrown stuff.. yo ucould make a pretty cool design for him. More so if he throws it in a crowded street, using sleight of hand/stealth to avoid detection.

Off hand... the occultist archetype that allows for throwing "talisman" spells (don't remember the name) could make for a great calling card as eaach player gets blinded/deaf/cursed/worn down. Assuming the spell list works for your concept.
Further with the right archetype or choices, the "read object" skill (and if you keep them, the magic circle spells) make for wonderful devices for "hunting down and following the target" as does the Divination class skills.

Effectively, if built right, the character could likely debuff the party over time and several attacks while retaining his distance and tracking.

Im mainly trying to stick to a melee build, or a character that can at least be comfortable in melee but that first comment sounds like a really cool idea. Perhaps I could combine that with a locate object/person spell/ or curse several people at once :)

Never even looked at the occultist, briefly glanced at it. Looks interesting and worth investigating to see if it matches my idea. Thanks for the recommendation!

Let me know if you have any more :)

Make it a bounty hunting team. Give em a few sessions of noting being scryed on by their diviner, then devise countermeasures and an escape plan

If you go for magus, look into the frost bite/chilling touch builds found in the guides. Lowering the opponent's numbers is always useful.

@ Lemeres

Hmm.... actually frostbite magus might be a good way to go... Thanks for the tip. Let me know if any1 thinks of another class/build that could be promising! Thanks in advance!

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Whip magus makes a good bounty hunter but my top choice is an inquisitor archer. If you go through the spell list you will see why. Named bullet, greater invis, divine favor, weapon of awe, hunter's eye, nondetection, heroism, silence etc. Sanctified Slayer would be my choice of archetype.

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Wow inquisitor fits the idea soooooo well. Is there any way you know of to make a more debuff centered inquisitor? Specifically adding Blindness/deafness and bestow curse to their spell list?

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I don't know offhand how to add those to the list. They have other debuffing spells and sanctified slayer adds to the dcs of spells which should help.

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