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Yeah, I know, I keep asking questions. Anyway, looking ahead to the Vivified Labyrinth, how did folks handle the maps, given the complexity of the rotating sections?

We do traditional, pen-and-paper sessions, with pictures and maps displayed on a TV via Roll20 as they explore. For combats, I typically print out a large version of the combat map and attach it to poster board. For the Urgathoan Temple, I printed out the entire map and attached it to a large poster board, with each section of the map covered by plain paper. As they advanced through the temple, I would uncover the appropriate section.

For the labyrinth, I see two options. The first is to print out each of the 4 labyrinth configurations, attach them to separate pieces of poster board, and then as they pull a lever move them over to the appropriate map. The second option is to put each labyrinth configuration on Roll20, with fog of war enabled, again switching up the maps as they pull the levers. For the actual combats I would have to draw out or print up maps of the likely combat locations.

How have others handled this? The suggestion in the AP to draw out the map on 1" grid paper but with 4 circular sections cut out that can be superimposed and rotated as necessary seems a bit difficult, but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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when I went through this I had printed out the circular sections while drawing the rest of the map on plexi glass over top a grid mat. I didn't pull out the rotating pieces until they pulled the first lever. It didn't take too much effort.I kept the circles that they weren't currently at an intersection of face down until they were there.

using roll20 I don't think you would necessarily need to switch maps on rotations. you could have tokens on the map layer that you rotate. though that could be slightly problematic if you are using dynamic lighting.

I am going to be running this using Maptool (sort of like Roll20), and had been working towards this particular map. My current, plan is making the circular section a different layer and rotating it. Out of all sections of the adventure I feel it is allowing them to cheat the experience as opposed to elevate by going digitial. As not being in first person in situation, you can tell it changed, and how. (the whole seeing the Forrest, as opposed to the trees thing).

I had thought of going old school style and breaking it up to each room and having them plot it on the map. Then rotating the rooms, and only telling them which door they entered. Knowing what direction is what, is the biggest gift in any maze. I still might! But, its a drastic change from my normal prep and presentation style.

If I use the different room configurations on Roll20, I'll use fog of war and uncover the applicable areas as they reach them, so they'll still have to figure out how everything connects and changes. I don't think doing circular layers in Roll20 is an option for me, unless someone can point out anything I'm missing?

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If you make a png of the circular portions, you can overlay them on the map and rotate them individually at roll20.

We had a lot of fun exploring this dungeon, and I am very meticulous when it comes to mapping. This was especially fun for me because the entire party got hit with a symbol of confusion at the beginning and were confused in a confusing dungeon the entire time.

When I make maps I don't like to give anything away. It would be best to just draw out each room as we play but that takes precious time and momentum away from the game. Instead I draw out each room on one inch grid paper, then I carefully cut out each one. In the end I have a few dozen separately cut out rooms in file folders, neatly organized and labelled. Then, as play progresses, I lay the rooms down one at a time, pulling some off the table so players have to remember where they've been (or try to draw a map as they go).

This made the Vivified Labyrinth a cinch. I had my own maps of the four different configurations, so I could just refer to those when placing the rooms as the players discovered then.

What a great time. People got crushed when rooms shifted, confused people attacked each other, and the rogue got separated alli alone because he tried to Jeep distance between himself and the confused fighter.

This could probably be done easier in Roll20 with judicious use of cropping and saving each room as its' own image, then place reach image as the characters come upon it.

Green Eyed Liar wrote:
If you make a png of the circular portions, you can overlay them on the map and rotate them individually at roll20.

Well that was easier than I thought! I used GIMP to duplicate the circle sections, saved them as individual png files and uploaded them to Roll20. They're now sitting on top of the main labyrinth map and it lines up fairly well when I rotate them. I'll keep everything hidden by fog of war until they explore a particular area.

We had our final summer session yesterday. They went from Vencarlo's, to the Arkonas, and then to Pilts. They managed to take Pilts captive, and now they're debating whether to storm Arkona Palace or negotiate with Glorio. I do hope it's the latter, but they were really pissed off to learn the Arkonas have Vencarlo and the seneschal.

Lakesidefantasy wrote:

What a great time. People got crushed when rooms shifted, confused people attacked each other, and the rogue got separated alli alone because he tried to Jeep distance between himself and the confused fighter.

Extremely impressive setup! Sounds like a great session - I'm hoping for a similar outcome! My PCs had their first taste of confusion against Pilts - both the sorcerer and druid failed their saves, and every round they were on the edge of their seats. Not too much damage but added a lot of chaos.

When I ran it in Roll20 I had 4 different variations of the labryinth on the map and stacked them on top of each other. I also used Dynamic Lightning for this one and mapped out the rooms that don't move first, followed by 4 different dynamic lightning groups for each rotation.

Whenever a lever was pulled, I hid the PC's tokens which cause their screen to go black as I swapped the dynamic lightning group and toggled down to the next map layout. Once all was set I popped the PC tokens back onto the token layer and they saw the new layout.

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