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I have found many things in the new play that I like. The simplified action economy. Character Generation looks interesting needs a few bugs worked out but easily fixable. Classes need a great deal of work as do races but with a little bit of love fixable. Things I dislike Resonance totally unnessary IMO it adds book keeping and adds nothing to the game.
If you want to change how wands work change how wands work. Resonance is not the way to do this. Resonance for potions is just plain bad. If you use resonance for potion then resonance should be charged during productin of the potion not when the potion is consumed. Resonance seems to me a mechanic that people that want a low magic game like and people that and people that like a high magic game hate. I do not think there is a middle ground between the two.

The new skill system looks very good. Though I am somewhat confused as to how you gain from expert to master to legendary. I also think that with the different levels of skill mastery makes it easy to add magic items tomes that advznce ones skill mastery between levels. cloaks and boots that advance ones steath or athletics mastery levels.

my most disliked thing that i HAVE SEEN is staffs. again this is easily fixible Have the user pay each day to invest ones staff and not pay when you use the them. Instead during downtime Resonace would be paid to recharge the item.

I have found many things I like and only a few easily fixible things that I think that are in need of repair.

my bigggest gripe is not how the game works it is how the rules are writen you have added far too much unnessary verbage that adds nothing to the game but confusion. for instance in the action ecommny added a new term that is confusioning . I can't remember the word right now but it strikes me as some sort of adjutive describing a phase in your 3 actions. as I understand it you get three actions move attack cast[sometime casting takes more than 1 action] this is simple dont add complexity where none is neeeded. your 3 action economy is very very good.

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