Suggestions for Level 1 Permanent Items?

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Hey all,

Getting ready to start a homebrew, and I'm reviewing some options for items and rewards for my players at level 1. The text says that, during level 1 > level 2, I should award two level-1 permanent items. The text above chart 11-1 suggests that for these items, give out weapons/armor/gear from chapter 6 between 10-20 gp.

Soo..... looking through chapter 6, very few items fall within this range. This equates to 100sp-200sp, the ONLY flat items that are within this range are some heavy armors, both composite bows. Gear worth this much is already at level 2.

Only thing I can think is to award some basic equipment made from special materials, and already it could only be Cold Iron or Silver.

Am I missing something?

The chart says 1 2nd level item and 2 1st level items on page 347 so I would do that.

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