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When creating a character, you choose your background before you choose your class. This gives you your ability boosts, training in a lore skill, and a specific skill feat.

Since these are added before your class I had a few questions.

Does the lore skill count towards your number of trained skills your class gives You?

The Skill feats all have prerequisites. For example if you have the laborer background it gives you the Robust Recovery skill feat, but the prereq is "Expert in Medicine." Are you given the prereq automatically or do you have to take it later? If you don't get it automatically, can you use the feat if you don't meet the prereq?

Does the skill feat prereq skill become a signature skill even if it does not belong to the signature skills listed in the class you take?

Thank you for your time.

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Good points.

The trained doesnt count as its a separate „pool“ of trained skills as far as ism understanding things. For the skill feats i had interpreted it as prereq ignored. But lets see

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