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One thing I noticed as a GM when my players were making character was the layout for classes left something to be desired.

At the start of the spell section please layout the total amount of spells the class gets from all sources.

The reason I find it would be useful to have all the spell info front loaded like this is when I read the bard entry I was like 1 first level spell only? That sucks, and then went on to look at other caster options. also to find your total amount of spells you get the info is in 3 different locations (spells, muse and compositions). a summery at the start would let players know what sections to check for spell info.

I think this info could be placed in the stat block for each class (where hp and proficiency is), possibly having spells and compositions as two listings.
spell casting: Spontaneous Occult
Starting Spells: cantrips 4 + 1 from muse
1st level 1 + 1 from muse
Spell Slots: 1st level : 2
Spell points: Charisma mod
Starting Compositions: 1 cantrip, 1 level one.
(there does seems to be lots of room left).

This format could be used for all classes as I feel that it would help new players (which is everyone but the people at Paizo currently) know what a class get / does.

--My two cents.

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