GM Feedback from running half of the first Chapter.

Doomsday Dawn Game Master Feedback

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I'll be filling out the full form once we've finished it but I thought I'd jot down my first experiences.

Character Creation: The players loved the choices and really enjoyed the ABC method. I have three very experienced players, a moderately experienced player and a complete newbie. The layout of the book is the only thing that made this harder. It was difficult for them to find relevant rules for their characters and thus I had to help more than I otherwise should have.

- Sub part options limits: We all know this is partially due to it being a playtest and not having complete content but the lack of options is a bit disheartening, especially in the balance of it. Things like not having Feat options for a Ranged Fighter by level 2. The skill feats were a bit disappointing (everyone loves the system but not the content.) Meanwhile the spells lists are fit to burst. We hope for the final product that any new pages go towards Class (especially non casters), Skill and General Feats

Bulk and object positions: These rules need to be clearer. We aren't sure, for example, whether you measure ammunition Bulk by the unit or by bundles of 10. There seems to be half a system about where objects are stowed and how fast they are to retrieve, but it only goes halfway and isn't specific enough about how certain things interact (i.e belt pouches and sheaths) with the action system.

Items and identification: I'm still unclear on what knowledge skills are used to identify what. Judgement calls are fine but should be easy to remove.

Actual Gameplay: Players loved it and the game was smooth to run. The action system and -/+10 are great. Only hiccup were some specific DCs. I felt a DC20 lock that needs 3 successes to pick was a bit extreme for a level 1 character. I eventually bodged the number down to 18 as it was taking far too long.

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