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Hi CS!

I figured you guys would appreciate some feedback on the Amazon fulfilment portion of the Playtest sales.

You already know about Amazons delay in dispatching orders in a timely fashion for items to arrive on the release date so I’m not going to address that, and as I grabbed my parcel on the way out the door I have no feedback yet on the quality of the product itself. Based on the packaging it seems to have arrived unharmed.

What I’m not impressed with is that despite the already exorbitant shipping fees I’ve been stuck with import taxes. It’s not a lot and I had the cash on me to pay at delivery, but it was not something I remember being advised of in advance (I could be wrong) and I felt a little embarrassed that my consierge paid the fee for me.

Based on my own experience with shipping merch online I usually expect to see a tax warning and that it’s on me to pay import tax, so maybe because it was a third party fulfilment this was overlooked by me or or omitted, I don’t know. It was a bit of a nasty surprise is all.

I don’t blame you guys and I’m not seeking a refund but I probably won’t get your next product that is Amazon-fulfilled.

Silver Crusade

You know what, just disregard. I should haven seen the tax think coming myself, I’m just venting a bit

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Hello Dean,

Thank you for letting us know. Customs or VAT fees are not something we have any control over, and we don't participate in them in any way beyond filling out the customs forms that need to be on the package. The rates and what they may or may not apply to vary by country. This means we don't usually even know how much they may be for any specific package.

I don't know why you weren't warned. It sounds like you normally are? It could be due to using a third party fulfillment, but since we are not the ones who warn you it sounds more like it may be an issue with the delivering postal service.

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