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To get an understanding of the system, and to prep for the adventure since it needs five characters each, I did the following:

Half-Orc Barbarian/Hunter, Human (Varisian) Cleric of Desna/Acrobat, Dwarf Fighter Blacksmith, Elf Angelic Sorcerer/Esoteric Scion and Halfling Ranger/Scout.

Things I liked:

1. Barbarian took me awhile since the system was new. After that, each one took me 15 mins, sans equipment. I mostly used the book and had the pdf left open to the spells section. I read the book a couple of times before doing this so my quick creation time is a factor.

2. Skills are so much easier to do now. Used to take awhile figuring out which to get and how to divide up points.

3. So much easier to figure out feats this way. Previous edition took too long. The other thing I didn't like about P1, you need to plot out your feat paths to be effective. For new players, this can be overwhelming.

4. The visual breaks with the text helps the flow of information better. The page layout is amazing.

5. Once I knew all the powers and spells were together, I think it works. Really doesn't need to be split off.

6. I prefer this proficiency system. Sure TEML is weird at first, but it's easy to remember.

Things I noticed:

Halfling- Attentive and Keen Eyes felt too situational. The bonuses were fine, but it seemed like those would be rare occasions compared to their other feats.

Backgrounds- It's stated that you cannot get a skill feat without the skill, but I know the Alchemist gets a feat without the prerequisite. I see this in a few ways. If you get a free skill with the feat, you can game the system, but what if you already had that skill? Or, maybe you are untrained, but that skill feat gives you a slight edge in the attempt.

Cleric- Many of the domains appear meh or situational. I thought Luck, Zeal and Fire were the more useful ones.

Paladin- Deific Weapons mentions if the deity's weapon is uncommon, you gain access to it. I didn't see a deity listed with an uncommon weapon.

What I'd like to see:

Quick starter gear bundles. This could work in the class sidebar in the beginning, under Signature Skills. Gets new players in the game faster.

The final book being close to this size. Pathfinder 1 is a tome. Hand it to a new player and see how long it takes them to get through it.

Final thoughts:

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the playtest. This is the direction I want to see Paizo go. It's still going to have more rules than D&D, but to some degree, Pathfinder needed to be slimmed down to grab other players as well.

Another thing I'm amazed with, on these boards there seems to be a sense of entitlement with some people. I can understand when someone doesn't agree with certain rules, but the demanding that Paizo does such and such, is a bit much. This was a playtest, not a full release. The rules were free unless you wanted a hard copy. What I've noticed it appears like there are some that really want Pathfinder 1 as is. If that's the case fine, nobody is stopping people from playing Pathfinder 1. But it's time for a new version.

The fact is, rpgs usually hit a ten year cycle.I REALLY like the direction of where Paizo is heading with the Playtest and I'm not interested in seeing these rules getting tossed out. Refined sure, but not tossed out.

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Yeah, 'adventurer's kit' etc definitely need to be in the final CRB, with the total cost & bulk pre-calculated.
I can JUST ABOUT be bothered to buy all the bedrolls, pup tents, flint & steel etc but it's unreasonable to ask that of a beginner who just wants to get in & play.
1 kit per class would be great - with thieves tools for the thieves, alchemist's kit for the alchemists etc.

'Overall, I'm pretty happy with the playtest. This is the direction I want to see Paizo go. It's still going to have more rules than D&D, but to some degree, Pathfinder needed to be slimmed down to grab other players as well. '

Agreed with the overall impression. There are many, many things to be fixed & tweaked but this is the basis of a good system, in my opinion.

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