Adjusting an encounter for the number of players

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I wanted to provide feedback on the new mechanism for adjusting each encounter for the number of players.

I really like that the default is four players and adjustments are provided for increasing numbers of players. Sometimes it adds x creatures for each additional player above four. Sometimes specific creature adjustments are spelled out for five players and six players. Both methods were clear and easy to apply.

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Just got done running Rose Street Revenge.

I actually ran the table with only four players, but I, too, liked how the party size adjustment was set up in the scenario. Even though “add two extra creatures for six players” is the same effective result as “subtract two creatures for a party of four”, adding creatures seems to feel more intuitive to me.

I also like that there was a specific 5 player adjustment.

Agreed this I liked as a feature because it helps keep the curb stomping to a minimum, and if you are playing higher you may die faster.

Ditto. I liked this.

It also gave me a reference to cross check my Doomsday Dawn adjustments against.

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