Do I have this correct?

Doomsday Dawn Game Master Feedback

I'm prepping 'Lost Star' to run on Sunday for 5 or person party. The first thing I always do when I prep something is dump the difficulties, creatures, XP, and encounter budgets into a spreadsheet so I can see the whole thing at a glance. 'Lost Star' breaks down into:

1 Trivial Encounter
1 Low Encounter
3 High Encounters
3 Severe Encounters
1 Complex Hazrd
3 Simple Hazards

862 total experience points

It's no wonder we are seeing reports of TPK and difficult situations, the dungeon is designed to push the difficulty.

Do I have this correct?

I'm not 100% sure on the math, but the thing that strikes me most odd is 'creature 1' for the quasits. This is a creature that can heal the average damage each round of most of the party members, on top of becoming invisible at will, to say nothing of the wolf form and knockdown.
By comparison the 'goblin commando' has a basic attack with reach, just over half the HP, no spell like abilities and no healing. Also 'creature 1'.

What is the '1' being compared to?

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