PEACH My pre-gens for "Rose Street Revenge"

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I'm running this scenario sometime next week, and I want to test the "Urban adventuring" side of the adventure. I want the party to have a spread of non-combat strengths (a CHA character, a DEX character, etc.), as well as flavour and mechanics that may or may not work well in a city.
Really playtest how a campaign setting affects the efficacy of a PC.

- Aberrant Sorcerer. Oddball, may stand out, but its Persistent Pain at least deals nonlethal damage, which can be useful to question them later and turn them over to authorities.

- Wild Druid. The Pest Form spell could be useful to disguise themselves as vermin, but their Anathema might push them to not play nice with citizens.

- Divination Wizard w/familiar. See how useful a Dresden detective can be.

- Elf Monk w/ Nimble feat and Crane Wings. See how important be faster and a better jumper than anyone else matters in an urban adventure.

Does that seem like a balanced party? Can anyone think of a possible pregen that might stress-test urban adventuring?

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