Adapted Spell Feat, or casting spells from different schools

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Just double-checking something. If my PC gains the ability to cast a spell from a different spell list (say, a Wizard casting a Divine spell), you get to use your class' Primary ability to cast that spell, right?

As I understand it, because Adapted Spell adds the cantrip to your method of spellcasting, it would allow you to cast it using the same ability mentioned in that method. The Wizard's section of spellcasting states it casts spells using Intelligence, but it doesn't differentiate between 'arcane' and 'divine' spells; so any divine spells a Wizard could cast could be cast using Intelligence.

Does that sound right?

It depends on the method. If you're getting off list from Adapted Spell, yes you use your standard spellcasting attribute. If you're getting off list cantrips from a class archetype dedication feat, you use that class attribute, as stated in those specific rules.

Thanks. I hadn't even looked at that part of the book yet!

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