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Is there any sort of Use Magic Device ability to allow non-casters to use wands or scrolls. I can't seem to find anything.

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The answer appears to be the multi-classing feats into any caster will give you access to all wands that are on that list, the same goes for scrolls. There is no longer a way to activate them with a skill chaeck it seems.

On a side note this really disheartens me towards certain builds, If I wanted to multi-class a rogue with fighter but also wanted to be able to use wands, I would need to have at least four class feats eaten up before I could do both as I would need three feats from one multi-class before I could take the other, and to be a master of magic items I would need to have 3 multi-classes to be able to use any item I came across.

You can, you need the Trick Magic Item skill feat, pg 173.

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Trick Magic Item allows you to try and roll against the appropriate skill (Arcana/Nature/Occult/Religion) to activate the magic item.

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