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Good morning,
I have some issues finding stuff when i look at events I GM'd

1. I remember being able to click on something in the events I'd run and seen who played. I can't do that anymore, or I can't figure it out.

2. When I click on my character name, I can't get a list of their adventures they played, I only get a page that treats them like a person, and shows their activity on the site (which is like mine). I have no way of seeing what is attached to them, unless i look at player sessions and thats just everything ive played.

3. next to GM on my list, there is GM 2 for most of my events, but two from Gen Con are GM -

4. How do i find the number of stars GM i am, I remember seeing it before when i went to my name, but its not there now. Do i misremember?

Any help would be great.


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James, there were some site updates a week ago.

Assuming you are already in the Organized Play area.....

1. It’s not quite the same thing, but at the top of the “GM Sessions” tab, there is a link for “Show Seats” that will list all players.
2. The “Sessions” link for each character on the “Player” tab seems to be gone. But, on the “Player Sessions” tab, you can now filter by character name or number.
3. I think you are looking at the new “GM prestige” column. Were those events table-credit-only games for you, thus no chronicle sheet and no prestige earned? GM table credits are listed in the second column from the right and say “1 Pathfinder GM Credits.”
4. Table count is still at the top of the “GM/Event Coordinator” tab. You will almost certainly have to click the “Refresh Points” button to get an accurate count.

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