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So, I read through almost the whole rulebook.
There are things I "think" are less good than in PF1, but as I am unable to find a group to playtest the rules, I can only take guesses... My biggest concern is, that it "feels" like we loose, how to say this... character diversity. The rules "look" like it will be hard to make different fighters, alchemist, or whatnot. But it's hard to say, and these rules are far from written in stone and a lot is missing.
There is a difference between using rules in play and just reading them and making your mind up about stuff.

As I am almost only DM Pathfinder, I like most of the stuff I read in the rulebook, but I can understand the fears players might have...
In the end, we just roll some dice to get a little bit of randomness into the game and we like to experience great epic, creepy and heroic stories.

I just found asking myself: Would I use rules with far less options, if the stories Paizo continues to tell are still as cool as they are?! This is a tough question for me and I wonder, who else thinks this way...

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