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Okay, I am reading through the rules thoroughly at the moment and thought you might like some general feedback, so I will post the odd thing here or there for your consideration.

I wont post typos, it's a playtest book, but sometimes I might have a general point to make - like this...

PDF - page 6 of 434
Left column, section The Game's Flow, 2nd paragraph starts

"A game of Pathfinder can be played for as long as the
Game Master has an ongoing story she enjoys exploring
and advancing with her players."

My issue with this is two fold.

#1 - it feels like an old school throwback to the time when the GM determines everything.
#2 - it's not as inclusive as you normally are. Todays games, the story drive is not just for the enjoyment of the GM, it's for all.

So in the interests of modernising and inclusivity, might I suggest rewording slightly...

I'm not a pro, but something like this maybe...

"A game of Pathfinder can be played for as long as everyone, GM and players, are enjoying exploring and advancing the stories being experienced together."

I don't know if you would also like feedback of this ilk or not, but thought it wouldn't harm to mention it. Maybe I'm being too pedantic, I don't know.

Overview almost complete - really enjoying the read so far, well done all. I firmly believe saying what was done well is as important as things that might be contested, so...

The Gaming is For All section starting bottom right on the same page. Beautifully written, sensitive and sensible - well done indeed the writer who wrote that.

Oh, I Know I said I wouldn't but Template Fu is a stickler...

Die Rolls, pdf page 9 of 434, first para...

"Many rolls in Pathfinder involve rolling a d20, adding bonuses or penalties, and telling the GM the result so she can compare it to the number representing the difficult of the task."

I think that should be "difficulty of the task." :P

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