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So, I wanted to create a thread where we can doublecheck each others characters for accuracy, rather than waiting till the day of Gameday to do it. I'm playing the playtest for level 5 characters and want to see if another player wants to check for mechanical errors, especially since playtest is new errors among players are likely.

Its in the Alias, level 5 Sorcerer

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Oh and to be clear this is only for checking for accuracy of a character, not advice on how to optimize a said character, unless you want people to check for optimization.

All the stats should equal 77 after creating level 1 characters. A quick and dirty way to check. Won't tell you if they double dipped in an area but it can give you a sign that something is off.


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The stats should actually equal 78, but more simply, your stat modifiers should add up to 9 for a first level character (net 2 from ancestry, 2 from background, 4 from "free" and 1 from class).

78 is correct, my bad.


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Aw, so at least I did the stats right. 9 Net increases at level 1, with each increase/decrease giving you +2 to a stat. Creating the Character from the download was hard, and I finally got the softcover yesterday, eyes get tired from looking at the download and much quicker to locate things.
At level 5, stats add up to 86 if you didn't bring a stat above 18.

Also cause of the book, I was able to focus much better. I realized my bloodline picks from the Arcane list and not the Primal list, which in my case, I only had to exchange two spells, cause a lot spells I picked were on the other list as well.

Edit: A big one here is HP. Are we really gaining Max HP Every Level like they do in Starfinder?

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