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How long did it take to play this part of Doomsday Dawn:
About 4-5 hours of playtime. A good bunch of my players didn't read the Rulebook, so I spent a good chunk of time explaining and rechecking the rules

How long did it take to prepare this part of the adventure (time spent reading, gathering materials, etc.):
1 hour, but I feel I've should prepared more (as I play in Portuguese, sometimes I need to translate things on the fly, which doesn't help much)

How many sessions did it take for you to play through this part of the adventure?

How many Hero Points (in total) did you give out during this part of the adventure?
Other than the starting ones, 0.

How many times was a player character reduced to 0 Hit Points during this part of the adventure?
about 6 times. All of them on the centipede fight. Truth be told, my group had a LOT of problem with the poison, not that it was too hard, but because they had a lot of bad rolls in sucession, and even though they had +5s on Fortitude, they suffered a LOT with it.

How many player characters were killed during this part of the adventure?
0 - Two of them would've died, one of them 2 times even, if not for the Hero Point (I even went back to check if they removed the dying condition, which it does)

The party consisted of a cleric, a paladin, a wizard and a fighter

Gameplaywise, the party really enjoyed the system, the only one who was less excited with it was a new player who have only played D&D 5e.

I felt that the encounters were quite well balanced, and I felt that movement, retreating and vision were really important in the game, even more so than the old edition, which - for me - is a big plus. I felt that a more organized group of goblins on the first room would be quite deadly, with sneaking around and things like that for example.

Something that I feel that is important to note is that multiple monsters seem VERY strong, maybe because of low levels being quite weak.
As I said above, they had a lot of problems with the centipedes, they failed a lot on the poison rolls. Personally, I really liked how deadly those 'mundane' things are. It gives the idea that not only magic is deadly.

But I felt that the group resistance was very good for a level 1 group. The skeletons were easily smashed even though they had resistances.

The boss was quite okay. I liked that he had two 'modes' of damage, one with utility (grab), the other damage, and for me, it shone how much the action system gives a freedom of opportunities: For example, I didn't feel like I was doing a bad choice when Drakus tripped a player (he even critted for 4 damage!) - I will say, though, that I was a bit lost on the restrictions of grabbing, I felt that I was missing something, but I didn't know what (I will recheck the rules later to see if I did all correctly)

Now, my biggest problem and something that I think that it urgently needs to be addressed is: The character sheet and information.

I felt that the character sheet is clunky. The information is all over the place, there's no good place to note things like conditions, there is nowhere found to list something like Lores that you're trained. It's a mess in my opinion.

I think that there's a lot of important information that should be really visible, like Spell Power, Conditions and Resonance. They should be at the front sheet, not all over the place...

I will not extend too much on this topic, but I feel like information of abilities and activations are more important than ever on 2E, which is amazing! But I really think that a solution is needed to create a compact way for showing it (and I really disliked the spell sheet too...)

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