Shields and Two handers

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So... one of my players asked me when you have a shield, is that hand considered occupied for the purposes of two handing a weapon? I ask because if you have a Bastard sword or a Dwarven Waraxe, you're default one handing it and can choose to wield it with two hands. It would make sense to me to just lock them out of the raise shield action that turn and basically treat the shield as dead weight - but I don't actually know because the rules don't say. Help?

Shields are 1 for hands. I'd think there would need to be a 0+ hand category for what you are trying to describe, since that is basically one step down from the 1+ of a bow. So I think they'd have to drop their shield as a free action and then spend an action to move their hand to the hilt.

(snark warning...)

Basically just play the action economy in the manner that will make melee players feel like they are in an IRS audit and odds are you'll have the right of it.

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