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So there are a few things I'm noticing about goblins.

They are missing some of the flavor from PF1. There is no mention of their ingrained hatred of dogs and horses or their fear of written words. I am also noticing a lack of mentioning the goblin hero gods, it could be assumed that they moved away from worshiping them as part of changing their society but I feel as though it would be worth mention as to explain why they now mostly worship Cayden. Given that the love of fire has survived the change and that as a whole they are redeeming themselves wouldn't Sarenrae make more scene?

The other point I want to make is despite the change to goblin attitudes they still don't come of as particularly pleasant to be around (They love fire, use junk gear, pull pranks and "eat anything") nor would they be considered conventionally attractive by most non-goblin standards. Yet despite this they gain CHA as a bonus. I personally think CON would be more logical as they survive getting set on fire and eating rotten food. Alternatively if you wanted to keep the 1 physical and 1 mental, an argument could be made for INT as they can make stuff from junk.

Have some of the more disturbing elements of goblin culture been ret-coned or while the descriptions be more fleshed out in release ?

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I agree that the Charisma bonus feels off for Goblins.

In fact, I think that goblins should only have one Boost for Dex and two flaws for Wisdom and Charisma. I know that goes against the homogenized "two boosts, one flaw" pattern for ancestries, but hey, like the overview says, goblins have to "work twice as hard to prove their worth".

Honestly it's weird they get a Charisma boost considering 1E and Starfinder they get a -2 to Charisma. They probably should have been boost in Dex, Con, Free and a flaw in Charisma instead of Wisdom.

My only guess is they wanted them to be amazing Rogues and somehow that translated in someone's mind that they should have Charisma cause rogues.

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Agreed. Don't really see a Goblin getting me any discounts at a shop, rising me to arms with a speech or seducing someone.

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give cha back to halflings, goblins should be dex and con

Sneaksy Dragon wrote:
give cha back to halflings, goblins should be dex and con

Alternatively, DON'T give Cha back to Halflings, and do whatever with Goblins.

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