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Unarmoured Defence.
Casting Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Duration 1 day
You ward yourself with shimmering magical energy, gaining a
+1 item bonus to AC. While wearing mage armor, you use your
unarmoured proficiency to calculate your AC.

I can find no mention of Unarmed Proficiency in the main book outside of Monks and animal companions. Am I to assume that everyone untrained in unarmoured proficiency? I also not that only monks can increases unarmoured defence then as there are no general feats to help it. Also also (see Monty Python and the holy grail) there in no actual spot on the character sheet for unarmoured defence. is this intentional or was this missed as only sorcerers and wizards typically don't wear armour and are not monks.

thank you for your time.

Not helpful, but I also couldn't find anything about unarmored proficiency. Happy with the rules, but kinda upset with the layout in general.

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