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So I just ran the first section of the Doomsday Dawn module: The Lost Star and I have a few thoughts to share. So first for the raw numbers and then I'll go into more spoiler territory.
GM prep time: 30 minutes
Player character creation: 1 hour
Session length: 2 hours 15 minutes
Number of sessions to finish the section: 1
Number of PCs brought to 0hp: 0
Number of PCs killed: 0
Took 1 8 hour rest
Notes: The group was more concerned in completing each encounter as quickly as possible so I expect other games to run for longer
Party composition: Goblin Barbarian, Elf Fighter, Human Wizard, Human Cleric all lv1

GM observations


First there seems to be some huge disparity in the difficulty of some of the encounters, combat was not very difficult for my players if somewhat repetitive for the barbarian and fighter. The barbarian player only raged a single time and then proceeded to nearly one shot the boss with a timely placed critical. Due to the cleric's good perception the party managed to avoid most traps and locate most of the hidden treasure. On the other hand poison seems to be overly lethal given that had any of the PCs failed their saves against the centipedes that would be the end of that character. Also why is there no DC on breaking down the door but you can unlock it with 3(!?!) DC20 device checks?! That is just going to stop any rogue completely. Channel positive energy is still crazy good against undead.

Finally note: All my players really enjoyed the first session and we'll be doing the rest of the campaign soon. It wasn't too hard to get the hang of the rules, the most difficult one being initiative.

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