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Doomsday Dawn Game Master Feedback

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Will doomsday Dawn have a roll20 pack made for it(like the current apartment) to aid GM's in running the Adventure?



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TRDG wrote:


The Pathfinder Playtest is here, and we’re making it as easy as possible to jump in on Roll20!

We’ll be unveiling the first version of the official Pathfinder Playtest character sheet on August 7th, which will be freely available to everyone on Roll20. To access it, simply create a New Game, and from the Character Sheet dropdown select Pathfinder Playtest (official). Your Pathfinder Playtest experience awaits within.

As an added bonus, all Roll20 users will have free access to the Pathfinder Playtest Flip-Mat Multi-Pack, converted with all the bells and whistles of dynamic lighting and advanced fog of war (these features are available to all plus and pro subscribers).

To claim yours, go to the Pathfinder Playtest Flip-Mat Multi-Pack item on the Roll20 Marketplace, make sure you’re signed in, and click CLAIM to claim your Flip-Mat pack. You can now add it in to any of your games by going to the Addon section of your game page and selecting Pathfinder Playtest Flip-Mat Multi-Pack from the dropdown menu, then clicking Add to Game. More instructions on adding an addon to your game can be found here.

Thanks for taking part in the Pathfinder Playtest on Roll20! If you have any questions or find any issues with the character sheet or anything else, please let us know in the Official Pathfinder Playtest Bug Reporting Thread.



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ofc i already built my own table in Roll20...

I cant seem to find the flip mat mult pack on the roll 20 marketplace.
Will that also be after 8/7 ?


I'm guessing it will be avail 8/7

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Roll20 Flipmat Link

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Cool, thanks for the link.

waits patiently for August 7th.

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