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Seriously. I am excited for this edition and look forward to supporting the process through to August next year. The group will be getting together on Saturday to go over the rulebook and create characters (perhaps play). With all the negative posts, just thought I would add a positive one. We have time to input, be positive and allow for change.


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Finally. Someone with something positive to say.
I am 100% on board with you. I am looking forward to playing with the new system. I'm excited the day is finally here to look thru my new books.

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I was just thinking of starting a new thread about this very thing. Looking forward to the process and getting the polished version in our hands. Long live PF2!

I left the Pathfinder system ages ago. I enjoyed 1e for a long while, and was an initial AP subscriber for several years. But after a bit, it got a bit too much for me. Lots of cool rules additions, but I'm from the KISS method of schooling.

I have played 5e since it was released, and have been having a blast. Kobold Press has really stepped up to their Midgard setting, and I will always love 5e.

So, today, I downloaded the playtest pack, and started to peruse. I gotta admit....I like what I have seen so far. Is there room to grow? Of course. Do I like everything I've seen so far? Mostly yes, a few things I am on the fence.

I think Paizo is on the right track with 2e, and I am looking forward to seeing what they put together. So for now, Midgard will get the 5e treatment, and I look forward to rediscovering Golarion!

Off the a good start, Paizo! Thank you for your efforts.

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I love Golarion. But it will be cool to see if Kobold Press adopts PF2 and puts out stuff for Midgard, etc.
Of course, in the back of my mind, I'm wondering how this can all be used in Eberron.

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I’m quite relieved that the new ruleset is exactly what was pitched - Pathfinder with the edges smoothed and a much-needed tuneup. Most of the PF2 changes address issues that our long-time group has had to deal with using a nauseatingly ever-growing house rule document. Three cheers for Pathfinder attempting to fix systemic issues rather than simply adding a new coat of varnish over them. Let’s see how it plays!

I agree, there are things i'm not a fan of in the new book... still lots of fiddly +1 circumstance bonuses.... but i'm glad to be able to take my group home...to Pathfinder and Golarion... We have been long in exile with 5e due to rules bloat and the weird inconsistencies of some systems from PF1 as it grew and evolved... hopefully the forums will become more positive as things move forward.

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My first impression is that I'm liking stuff, but I'm waiting to comment further after testing it. Still yeah, I'm already planning how to test the game, not just by running doomsday dawn but also test encounters with bestiary monsters and such

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