So I can only play scenarios once even with a new character?

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I'm trying to figure this out. I know you can do scenarios as a player, as a DM and replayables and get credit/a chronicle for it.

My question is, is it accurate that if I make a new character (IE, after playing enough to get the skittermander boon) that I can ONLY get chronicles for scenarios I've never played or replayables only? If I've DM'd or played on my "main" I'm effectively banned from playing officially?

The reason I ask is that I've played a bunch of scenarios with an online group/strangers. After telling my friends how fun it is, they have decided to get in on society play. If I make a level 1 character, outside of replayables, I can't play along side them until they catch up to my main or we do scenarios I haven't done?

I'm not against DMing, in fact I've been thinking about doing a few for the online society group I play with now. But I'd rather play with my friends than DM to level up my character.

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I think you’ve mostly got the right of it. If there are any scenarios you have GMed but not played you can still play them and get credit.

Kevin Willis wrote:
I think you’ve mostly got the right of it. If there are any scenarios you have GMed but not played you can still play them and get credit.

Thanks for the info. So what's the reasoning behind this? I want to play with friends, but I pretty much can't until (if) they catch up.

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Well, the other option would be to DM for your friends... that way, you can have a character that matches up with what their characters have played, still get credit, and you will be ready once they reach content you can play with them.

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The reasoning is in part that having played through the scenario, you know what is coming, so have an advantage over the other players. This is one reason I make it clear to the GM that I have run, but not played, a scenario, and then let the other players make most if not all of the choices (if I make a knowledge roll or perception roll that would allow my character to have the information I already know, I will act on that information, otherwise, I let the other players walk me right into that trap...)

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The process of finding a game everyone can play is called geek suduko. it sometimes takes a bit of planning but with you being the only experienced player it shouldn't be that hard. Usually there's 2 or three people you're trying to venn diagram around.


I've had some trouble getting to play some of the older scenarios, because people in my town mostly want to play the new games, especially since Paizo switched to a 2-per-month schedule for SFS.

Like, by this Sunday, three different stores will have run Save the Renkrodas, but only one ran an older scenario (Solar Sortie) because there was player overflow. Most stores still just run Pathfinder, or Starfinder once per fortnight.

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Here are Paizo's thoughts on why replay should be limited.

You still have many options, though:

1) you can GM for your friends (as it sounds like you're already contemplating). Maybe do a rotation to get them all interested in GMing.
2) you can play for no credit with three of your friends (while still expending resources). You would essentially be there to "make a legal table".
3) you can play any of the half dozen (so far) replayable adventures: #1-01, #1-12, #1-16, Into the Unknown, or the first book of the Dead Suns Adventure Path.
4) you can simply run or play the storylines of any adventures for no credit (I do this to add material to my home game).
5) GM enough to accrue "GM Novas". You can then replay up to 5 adventures for credit.
6) or just play the newest material with your friends.

Starfinder took lessons from Pathfinder in that there is much more replayable content early on. It's been largely well received, but there are always people who will want to play more than can be produced.

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